Tangent paths and storms

The cruelty of Alzheimer's 1

Who are we without our history?

Historyless we build our hopes on sand.

Trojan horse of course.

God save The Queen and all who hide in her....

Yahweh's Little Freak Show

Jonah he lived in a whale...

The Swinging Tree.


Mobile Temple of Doom

The Lost Sheep

Soul Autopsy-Turvy

Ship Of Fools

The Trial and Execution of Breugel's Fish

Captured or released?


New world order...the plague doctor

Two little dicky birds...


cucarachas insectasidias

Goodbye Cruel World


Sloth; Nero-Auto-Castrato

The Dance of Death on the Day of the Dead

John Wayne Gacy junior's puppet theatre of death.

The punishnent of Gluttony

Heart of an Artist

and his soul map.